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1) What’s Freeform Combative Arts (FCA)

Freeform Combative Arts (FCA) is a constantly evolving method of modern self-defense that emphasizes simple, direct techniques that anyone can quickly learn and apply should they have to.

FCA combines several martial art styles (Krav Maga, Modern Cimande, Wing Chun, Jujutsu, and Muay Thai) in order to offer a complete self-defense method; as no one style can be an answer to all of life’s dangers.

In each Level of FCA students can learn: 1) Basic Combatives (hand striking, kicks, elbows, etc.), 2) Ground fighting for the street, 3) Grappling and Submission holds appropriate for self-defense, 4) Escaping holds, chokes, etc., 5) Defending against Knife attacks and threats, 6) Defending blunt object attacks, 7) Handgun Disarming, 8) General Fitness.

2) What makes us different?

FCA prides itself on being efficient and adaptable. Unlike most martial art systems that are locked by their set curriculum and unwilling or unable to adapt techniques for modern threats, FCA is constantly looking at new modern threats and updating our curriculum in order to have the most efficient system possible. In addition, we will modify and adapt techniques to meet the needs of our students.

3) What can I expect to learn from FCA?

Like a lot of things, what you put in is what you’ll get out of it. We will do our best to provide the best instruction and training, but you have to put in the time and focus as well to get the most out of your training.  In addition to developing fitness, self-defense skills, and awareness, many students also notice an increase in their confidence and daily activities.

4) Is it for me?

If you’re looking for an effective modern self-defense that will challenge you physically and mentally, then FCA is for you. We are serious about the skills we teach you, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun and support each other as we learn together.

5) How long does it take to be good at FCA?

FCA is designed to be straightforward and simple, so anyone can learn quickly and with efficiency how to protect themselves or others. Our goal is to give you the fighting skills necessary to protect yourself in situations where immediate escape isn’t possible. In beginning classes it typically takes four to six months to develop a good foundation of fighting skills necessary to protect oneself.

7) What clothing and equipment do I need?

Simple, comfortable clothing should be worn for each class – shorts or pants and a t-shirt top.  FCA classes are conducted barefoot on matted floors. More advanced classes will need sparring equipment and padding – which we can help you acquire.

8) Will I get hurt?

We take any precaution we can to prevent the possibility of getting hurt, but FCA does have some contact and as such there may be the occasional accidental slip-up.

9) Do I need to be in top athletic shape?

As long as you come to class excited and willing to try your hardest and learn you’ll fit right in. FCA is practiced by various ages – teens to 60+ years old. FCA is skill-based and with continuous practice you’ll see improvement.

10) It looks intense, will I be intimidated?

From an outside look, the class may look intense or even a little scary. However, we are having a good time learning and working together. Our instructors will make sure you feel comfortable and that you are doing techniques correctly. We’ll push you, but only to motivate and encourage you.

11) I have no experience, is that okay?

We all had to make the first step in our journey to learn. FCA’s techniques are meant to be easy to learn and effective – regardless of the experience level of the user.

12) How do I get started?

FCA offers a trial class to all new members to try out our services and see if we’re a good fit for your goals. You can try a Beginner’s class or an Open Class. You can CONTACT US for more information.